Core Features


You won't need to change the battery in your glucose meter. Ever.

Connected and secure

The X.GLU is NFC enabled so you can have all your measurements in your smartphone securely.

No wires required

No USB cable is required to transfer data from the glucose meter to diabetes data management software.

Small form factor

The X.GLU's credit card form factor makes it one of the smallest glucose meters in the world. It fits into smartphone case easily.

Cloud connected

The data can be immediately uploaded to the health cloud.


The X.GLU is the smallest glucometer in the world. It has the size of a credit card and simply slips to your wallet or smartphone case. It requires no batteries and no wires to read the sugar level on your smartphone. As long as your smartphone is charged, the glucometer works. The device uses an ultraslim connector for a biomedical sensor paper. The read out data are hundred percent secure. The wireless link between the device and smartphone is ensured by the NFC technology. Unlike Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and similar wireless technology, the NFC cannot be sniffed from a distance larger than several inches. The measured values are displayed and stored in the smartphone. An encrypted connection to cloud may store your data in a cloud and make it available to your practician to provide instant feedback about the treatment process.

Cutting edge technology

The patent pending technology of X.GLU creates devices which are cheap, environmentally friendly and easy to use at the same time.

Cloud based

Have your medical data online, at all times. Have them always at your fingertips or share them with your practitioner to optimize your treatment.

Protects your privacy

The X.GLU is so small it fits in your wallet or smartphone case. Same for the strips and lancing device. No need to carry regular diabetes carry cases.

Maximum security

Unlike the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the NFC technology cannot be, by its operating principle, sniffed more than few inches away.

The smartphone app

The smartphone app will come with a convenient how-to video. It shows detailed instructions for both how to treat the skin before taking the sample and how to properly take the blood sample. This is easy to understand and effectively helps patients. The app reminds the user about the next measurement time and provides necessary information about food and daily activities recommendations advised by the practitioner. The app also includes instructions and assistance for taking a tentative oral glucose tolerance test (oGTT) to screen for type 2 diabetes. The correct coding of the strips is done by app automatically which effectively eliminates the possibility of human error which could cause false measurements.

Works on all NFC-enabled Android smartphones

The X.GLU works on any NFC-enabled Android smartphone. The support for other platforms is also available with a special USB to NFC peripheral device.

Easy management of your measurements

With our app, your measurements will be stored safely in your smartphone or in the medical cloud.

The app helps you

The X.GLU application provides several tools to deal with the disease easier. One of the example is the oGTT test manager or trend graphs which may help you with the interpretation of the measurements results.

Easy to use

Put your X.GLU under your smartphone and it gets ready for the measurement automatically. No struggle with pairing and making the connection.

Extremely thin

X.GLU is the thinnest smart glucose meter on the planet. In production, the X.GLU will be as thin as your credit card.

Your privacy and comfort is our priority

We understand your privacy. The X.GLU can be put in your regular smartphone case or wallet, together with the strips and lancets. No diabetes carry cases anymore.

Prototype demonstration video

Project timeline

  • October 2015 - The idea

    The idea of NFC powered medical devices was born.

  • November 2015 - Preliminary patent issued

    The X.GLU technology is patent pending under a priority document PV2015-804 issued by Czech Industrial Property Office

  • December 2015 - First working prototype

    Putting together all the technology needed, the first prototype was done and tested

  • February 2016 - market-look prototypes are completed

    In February, the market-look prototypes were completed


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