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HW & FW development

We specialize in the development of low-power solutions based on industry-standard MCUs, e.g. custom instrumentation, consumer products, medical device prototypes and wireless sensors. Do you need a cheap one-off prototype or cost-optimized mass production? We can do it.

Mechanical engineering

In past, we designed parts manufactured by any process you can imagine - injection-molded parts, CNC machined parts from titanium and Inconel, 3D printed parts for prototypes etc. Each process has its properties and challenges. With our network of long-term manufacturing partners, we can offer the most competitive prices.

Cost optimization

No product specification is ever final. During each step, we actively work with the customer on refinements of the original idea to deliver the highest quality product at a lowest possible manufacturing cost.

Our experience

We are not a typical design house. We sell our own products so we encounter and understand the struggles connected with the whole product cycle. From the idea through prototype, certification and production scale-up to distribution.

How do we work

Draft specification

We will sign an NDA and will work together on a draft specification. After that, we will provide you with options and cost estimate. There is no upfront payment and no obligations.

"Quick & dirty" prototype

This is where the fun starts - instead of making a full specification and thinking about every possible scenario, our customers usually prefer to make a "quick & dirty" prototype. Having something to play with this early makes the final product perfect.

Specification, development

After evaluation of the first prototype, you will approve the final specification and we will make your dream a reality. Usually, several "golden samples" are handed to the customer at the end of this phase, together with full documentation.

Next steps?

Our cooperation can end here or we can assist with production, become your production partner and in some cases, even become a distribution partner.

Some of our success stories

Endojoystick - changing the endoscopy


The product is intended for medical doctors who perform endoscopic procedures. The Endojoystick reduces pain connected with prolonged use of the endoscope and improves precision of movements. The project is based on an idea of our friend who is an experienced endoscopist. The XGLU did the rest - development, tooling, production and now distributes the product across Europe. The device is based on injection-molded parts from high-performance thermoplastic composites and CNC machined titanum and aluminium parts. To this day, it has a stellar track record - 0 premature failures after more than 5000 procedures.

Disposable glucose meter

Our main research activity - development of a disposable glucose meter - solves the self-monitoring problem in both developing and developed world. In developing countries, the market penetration with blood glucose meters is minimal while in developed countries, glucose meters do not get to the low-frequency patients because of high associated cost with their placement. The result is a device with several biosensors with a custom electrochromic display which drastically reduces the barrier of entry to self-monitoring to under 1 USD. For this product, we have developed a low-cost (< 0.005 USD/sqcm) non-toxic biodegradable electrochromic display which is the basis of the product. Patent pending worldwide (WO2020207514A1), patented in Czech Republic (CZ308359B6), international applications filed in EU, USA, EAPO, India.

VoiceGlu glucose meter

In development2018-present

In cooperation with "Czech Blind United" (SONS z.s.) and Preciosa Foundation, we developed a working prototype of a new glucose meter for Czech visually-impaired diabetes patients and elderly patients. The glucose meter has voice output in Czech language which was specifically designed by patients for patients. We are now looking for financial partners to put the solution to the market.

Custom research equipment for controlled cell growth

Delivered2017 - now

In 2017, a customer from academia sent us an inquiry about the design of a research instrument to be used in a 24/7 experiment based on cell growth under strictly controlled atmosphere. The customer wanted to develop a more economical solution than to purchase an incubator with the option of controlled atmosphere. The right choice of materials was crucial to achieve both sufficiently low gas leakage and very low off-gassing at the same time. XGLU designed, developed and manufactured the devices for the customer. Around 10 of these devices are employed in a 24/7 operation to this day.

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