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Our focus


We develop new solutions for diabetology which include our award-winning credit card glucose meter. Nowadays, the development continues with novel solutions for blind diabetes patients, but also a solution for the third-world, which completely lacks an effective self-monitoring solution.


We launched the Endojoystick - a new product for endoscopy which drastically decreases muscle fatigue and increases the precision of endoscope movements. The effects of this device were independently confirmed by an ergonomy evaluation lab.

Turnkey research and development

We do turnkey R&D solutions for customers including universities and research institutions. For instance, some of our products have been running sensitive biological experiments for years without interruption.


Credit-card glucose meter

In 2017, we designed the multiple award-winning (Werner Von Siemens award, Microsoft Imagine Cup) glucose meter. It has the size of a credit card and can simply slip into your wallet or smartphone case. It communicates with your smartphone via secure Bluetooth Low Energy technology or LPWAN technology. It was designed to comply with ISO 15197:2013.

Seamless data transfer to improve treatment

XGLU enables you to have real-time insight into the treatment progress of your beloved ones.

True emergency notifications

Unlike competitors, the data can get to the cloud directly, without the need for the user to use smartphone. Especially during hypoglycemia, which is critical. If there is any problem whatsoever, you will be notified in real time.

Protects privacy

The XGLU was designed with GDPR and HIPAA in mind. The small form factor is of the blood with glucose measurement discreet yet no more bulky cases.

Project stage

We are looking for a partner which will cooperate with us in order to put this product into market.

Custom research equipment

Turnkey hardware and software solutions for research teams. We have been working on the development of custom equipment for anaerobic growth of cells or equipment for developing new ways of treatment of diabetes.

We turn ideas into products

We have all the means necessary to develop and manufacture complete products, including a CNC milling machine, 3D printer and electronics development lab

One-offs or small production runs

We designed one-off prototypes for the research of new diabetes treatment method, but we can still do small production runs, up to 100s of pieces


A solution for endoscopists which alleviates motion apparatus problems caused by the prolonged use of endoscopes and increases the precision of micro-movements during endoscopies. You can visit the website dedicated to this project by clicking on this link: http://www.endojoystick.cz/en/

Compatible with any endoscope

The Endojoystick can be used with any gastrointestinal endoscope.

Advantages both for patients and endoscopists

Faster and more precise endoscopies for patients, less fatigue and smaller chance of motion apparatus diseases for endoscopists, both at the same time.

Independently tested

The effect of Endojoystick was independently tested by an ergonomic testing lab, which confirmed a positive effect on the mitigation of fatigue and musculoskeletal diseases in endoscopists.

Our journey

  • October 2015 - The idea

    The idea of credit-card glucose meter started off the XGLU company

  • November 2015 - Credit-card glucose meter idea became patent-pending

    Our first patent application was filed

  • May 2016 - Company was established


  • September 2016 - Angel investment received


  • February 2017 - Werner von Siemens award


  • August 2017 - Microsoft Imagine Cup

    A solution for diabetic kids based on credit-card glucose meter design won the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017

  • August 2019 - Our novel glucose-monitoring solution was patented

    A patent for unique solution for blood glucose self-monitoring, potentially opening new markets and solving the biggest troubles of current blood glucose meter market was granted.

  • December 2019 - Endojoystick launch in EU

    The Endojoystick was launched in the EU.


    Jiří Štráberger

    Manager with long-term experience in company strategy and business plan development

    Marek Novák

    Research & Development Director
    Medical hardware and software developer with experience in Class IIb devices development and certification, currently active in AIMD research

    Ludovít Emanuel

    Partner & Alliance Business Director
    Experienced system integrator and business development manager

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